How to secure New Year Resolution success.

January 30, 2019

Why have most people flopped by today? Put simply they have given up but lasting change requires a commitment. A commitment to the process. Life is not the before and after pictures that you see plastered on Instagram or on TV. It's the tears, it's the breaking down, it's the early rising, it's the late nights, it's the countless appointments, it's the highs but also it's  the lows.

Do not believe the hype because that old adage "easy come easy go" is true. We have all heard the Lotto story's. Someone wins big and in a year they have blown the lot! You probablly have also heard the success stories of Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith or Dwayne Johnson but where are the photos of the inbetween stage? They were probablly to exhausted, low or preoccupied to take them. So take note, you will slip up.

Whatever the resolution, a key element to your success is self love. Why? Because when you love yourself you can also practice forgiveness. What you are trying to change is a habit something engrained that has become almost natural to you. So it will take time to unlearn it.

Simply eradicating the problem behaviour is not enough. For example if you were trying to loose weight simply reducing your calorie intake will not give you the body you want. You need to tackle your problematic thinking and replace it with something more productive.
Self reflection regarding the need for change is therefore essential. For instance putting on weight takes effort, a question one could ask is "when I eat what am I feeding; lonliness, self loathing, boredom?" Once you have the answer you will then have an indication of your weaknesses and where you are most likely to slip up. You didnt eat one cake, drink one bottle of wine, watch one dirty movie-whatever the vice you were persistently pursued it! So you know you have it in you to stick it out,  now do the same for your new goal. 

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