To Tinder or not to Tinder that is the question.

February 6, 2019


Romance, dating & self love in the 21st century.

Apparently Tinder has a whopping 50 million users per month with ONE billion swipes per day! And in case you have been up a mountain in Tibet or in exile in some foreign land, you have got to know that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. 


That means a lot of you probably have recieved that infamous text from the Ex at the beginning of Jan to tell you just how much "I've been thinking of you". Or perhaps you got ahead of the game and lined someone up during 'cuffing season'. Yes in November/December some of you diligently put in the work. Thus securing a romantic start to the year and hopefully a date for V day.

So what does valentines day and love have in common in the 21st century? They are both heavily associated with an external love object. The desire to be loved and love something outside of onesself. However what a lot of people fail to recognise is that you can only fully love someone as much as you love yourself.

Hurt people hurt people and you cannot give something that you don't already have. Looking to be loved has to begin with an inward journey of self love. When you don't the results can be devastating and at the, least heart breaking. So how do we go inward when the world is screaming " just fall in love", "be my valentine" or "give him/her a gift that they wont forget"?

Say out loud "I LOVE ME"  or "I LOVE (insert your name here)". Seriously your power to manifest and maintain a strong sense of self love starts with a word. We all know thoughts are powerful but sometimes we send ourself mixed messages with our thinking. Saying it out loud makes it tangible and even if you don't presently feel that way about yourself, give it a month or so and you soon will. It takes twenty-one days to make a change and sixty-five to form a habit. So keep at it!

Need more? From the 7th-14th February I'll be releasing a new way to love yourself even more for FREE! 

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