Three: love the skin you're in.

February 9, 2019


Body image was the first thing that came to mind when I wrote this title but then something else struck me. When people constantly judge and crticise their body they usually do so by comparing it with something else but fail to notice the subtle ways in which their body grows and adapts.

Your body is amazing! Your body can be likened to a 'skin', a vessal or vehicle. You take care of it and it will thrive, fill it with goodness and it is a beautiful sight, give it the right fuel and you know you are going places.

Categorising yourself as pretty or ugly is quite frankly 'basic' when you are anything but that. 

"If all the DNA in your body were uncoiled, it would stretch out to about 10 billion miles, which is from Earth to Pluto and back. Cells in the inner lens of the eye, muscle cells of the heart, and the neurons of the cerebral cortex are the only cells that will be with you your entire life." Kate Ng (2015) The Independent.

You are intricately and uniquely put together. Every part of you. Try not to pick yourself apart by focusing on aspects you dont like about yourself in turn. Instead focus on your body as a whole.

To love yourself and the body your in is to remember it is not static it is always changing, to support you on your journey of life. Accept your body. It is part of you, but only one aspect. You are so much more than your body, just as you are more than your intellect or financial situation.


Make a note of all the things that you love about yourself. If you are not in a good place (the way in which you see your body) then focus on just one nice part and  write down as many positive things as you can about it. Then challenge yourself to write somethig positive about another part of your body tomorrow and so on.

Writing notes of admiration about your body even when you don't feel great about it, will create a new more positive mindset. Over time you will develop a pattern of appreciation that will become habitual. You may still have your low days but you will be able to put how you feel into perspective. For instance today you may feel bloated but you can reframe it by remembering "I don't always feel this way, it will pass".

Below are some other examples, remember you can exhange them and switch them up to suit you.

  •  I feel fat today but that is okay because I am not my fat and labels don't make me who I am.

  • I wish I was more defined but my body is perfect the way it is. If I need to work out I will.

  • My hair is looking wild because I am looking fierce and I am ready for the day ahead.

  • My body is healthy and does everything I need it to do.

Now go on and slay your day. Tomorrow we will look at affective affirmations.



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