Five: Invest in yourself

February 11, 2019


Often we say "oh i'll do this when the money comes" or "i'll get that another time". The truth is sometimes that time never does come or as soon as that money comes you spend it on something else that needs to be bought or paid for.

You really must get into the habit of giving something worthwhile to yourself. On day two we looked at love languages and one of the ways in which love can be received or demonstrating is via gift giving.

You don't have to wait till your birthday or christmas to give yourself a gift, it can be whenever you like. Sometimes it will be something physical however investing in yourself also means giving things that aren't tangible. For instance you may decide to go on a course, take up a weekly sewing class or buy yourself a guitar. These are all investments as you are adding value to your wellbeing. Notice investing in yourself doesn't add value to who you are, you are already priceless but rather it can give you the skills to grow and flourish.


List three things someone could give you today that would light up your life. Now take a moment to visualise receiving that gift. Notice how you look and how you feel. Be thankful for thie sense of joy that you are now ecperiencing. As you go about your day remember this feeling of gratitude for the things that you have, now and for that which is yet to come.

And yes one more thing, if you are able to buy something on the list now then do so. If not make a commitment to get it in a fortnight, a month, 6 months time-just make a realistic time frame and stick to it. 

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