Six: Be vulnerable

February 12, 2019


You don't have to be a superhuman 7 days a week 365.25 days of the year!  


Trust me you will burn out. 

Whether your a boss stay at home mum/dad, a dynamic excutive, a carer or a working parent you are the same as everyone else. You get tired and sometimes life circumstances leave you feeling broken, worn out or completely exhausted.
You can be broke, broken and still an amazing person. Why? because there would be no 'super you' if there were no  'you' to begin with! 


All credit to you because I am sure your hard work and dedication has brought you this far. However you will not thrive if you don't know when, to ease off the accelerator pedal.

Exercise 1:

In a quiet place make time to check in with yourself. Ask "How am I feeling today?" Don't judge or scold yourself if you're feeling tired but it's mid afternoon, that's okay. If you feel exhausted, it's late but you haven't completed your 'to do' list that is also okay. Right now you just need to notice how you are feeling.

You can do this anytime of the day and it only takes a few minutes. The purpose of this exercise is to be aware of what state you are in, within a particular moment. If you are feeling great that is awesome too.

Part of loving yourself is appreciating you for who you are. This can be really hard if you are not in tune or connected with your essence/higher being/ the real you-however you refer to your inner self. When you are connected you can sense and distinguish, when you are feeling great and when not so much.

If you live in a fast paced city or have a demanding life then a lot of the time you are encouraged to ignore how you feel. Pain medication and automated penalty systems (disciplinary action triggered by a set number of days off within workplaces), are some of the things that cause us not to register our wellness. Family commitments or caring for relatives is also another big factor, which causes individuals to 'checkout' on themselves.

Exercise 2:

Think of a time when you felt unwell or in need of a break. 

A. note down how you felt then,

B. make a note of all the things you thought about. 


A: I felt guilty, I felt low, I felt relieved.
B: I thought I would be letting everyone down, I thought that I would be missing out, I knew I would not have to fulfill that commitment.

Now write down what you ended up doing did you push through it or did you cancel? Now ask yourself, "what was the actual consequence of my actions?"

Now whatever happened I am sure you survived it because you are still here and the world didn't end. Putting things into perspective will really help you to recognise your limitations and prioritise your well being.

Tomorrow is the final day of the loving yourself workshop, we will continue with today's topic of vulnerability. 

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