On behalf of you: Thank You.

February 14, 2019


You have reached the end of your Seven day Self Love workshop. Weather you followed day by day or did a few at a time, well done for completing it. All of the exercises were designed to be simple and effective. To go deep enough to shed light on any unresolved issues, whilst giving you some tools to revisit any time you feel you need to. 


I would like to say thank you for dedicating time to someone very special, you!  


Take ten minutes to reflect on the shift you felt when reading and completing the exercises. Now write down one thing you learnt or love about yourself, even more. Lastly, write down one thing you will do to continue to love yourself. You need to state how often you will do it and for how long. 


Often people practice investing in themselves for some kind of validation. In this way goal setting can actually undermine your self esteem. Don't beat yourself about how much of the course you did or anything like that, because it is not important. How you use what you have learned is!  


Remember: Love is a state of being and not a destination.   



Namaste 💜 

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