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April 4, 2019


Spring is here and right now you are starting to see the blossoming of all the seeds you have sewn.

Back in January I blogged about securing success with your personal goals (new years resolutions) and in February I reminded you of the importance of self love. Then just last month we looked at getting a good nights sleep, why?

Life shows us cycles what you intend to do, how you nurture your intention and time all play a role in the outcome. Often we need to be clear about what we want, pursue it by giving it all we have got and be still. Allowing things to develop even when things appear dormant is a crucial part of the process. When one keeps prodding to perfect something during early development this does not allow the foundation to settle and the idea or dream to take root. Instead it unsettles everything delaying the formation of what is to come.

Sometimes it's going to take a few more months to find that new job but when it comes you will be thankful that it did. Sometimes it will take a few more years for that person to kick the habit but when they do they are going to need you to celebrate with them. It may take longer than anticipated for your business to thrive but when it does you will have the financial freedom that you have worked for.

Growth takes time so when you see it sprout don't start picking or harvesting just yet. When you see the positive changes you have been able to make don't then decide to embark on five new challenges all at once. When that investment starts to show some return enjoy it but remember you will have to continue to invest if you want more to come your way.

Yes its spring but there are still plenty of showers and weeds to remind you to celebrate what you have-not getting to caught up on what you have had to do and what you still may need to work on. 

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